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Chase & District Museum & Archives Collection Policy

Geographical Area

All acquisitions shall have a direct relationship to the historical development of the Village of Chase and surrounding areas which include Shuswap Station, Chase Creek, Turtle Valley, Pritchard, Squilax, North Shuswap and Adams Lake.


All acquisitions shall have a direct bearing on the general theme of the museum: a primary focus on the geological beginnings, pre-contact First Nations culture and post contact settlement history, with an emphasis placed on the social and industrial development of Chase and area. Items must be at least 50 years old before they will be accepted as an acquisition for the collection.


Preservation of objects for eventual use is the most binding duty. It is the responsibility of the Curator as agent of the Society’s Board of Directors to obtain and keep accurate records of artifacts and archival material and the conditions of the acquisition and to evaluate the significance and quality of materials proposed for acquisition or for removal from the collections


The collection shall be divided into specific categories according to accepted curatorial practice. Objects shall be assigned to one of the following collection classes by the curator:

  • Significant Objects: all objects directly related specifically for use in the area

  • Expendable Objects: objects of the same general character as those above but which because of their poor documentation or ease of replacement (mass produced industrial artifacts) can be used as props in exhibits.

  • Duplicates or similar items

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