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Purdys Chocolate Fundraisers

Every year the Chase Museum puts on two Purdys Chocolate fundraisers. One in the Spring for Easter and one in the Winter for Christmas. Watch our Facebook page for announcements on dates!

Online Ordering Instructions

Step 1

visit: and select "Group Savings" near the top left OR visit


Step 2

Select "Join A Group"


Step 3

Input your information to sign in.

Our customer number is: 26596


Step 4

Create your order!

At the top of the page you will see seven tabs. Select “Shop Online”

You will be given two options; “Use Online Order Form” and “Use Marketplace”


If you already know exactly which products you wish to purchase use the online order form. Be aware this option does NOT show images or descriptions of the products, only the names.


If you want to browse the available products select “Use Marketplace” which will show you images and if you select a product, a description.


Step 5

Once you have added all of your desired products to your “bag,” select the “Proceed to Checkout” button either at the top right or bottom right.


Follow the payment instructions and your order will be submitted.

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